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Operator Training Solutions Emerson User Exchange in Brussels
Emerson User Exchange in Brussels
Why the dynamic Operator Training Simulator proofs to be an Indispensable Tool?
Jasper Rutten
Henk Leegwater
2nd European Oil&Gas Training Simulation Forum
“Real Reality” presentation
This three day event showcased the latest developments and solutions in Training & Simulation strategies. On this forum/conference/exhibition attendees heard cutting edge presentations from experts representing the Oil and Gas Industry, Training Simulation Vendors, Training & Development Institutes, Research Institutes and Universities.
Operator Training Solutions on OTS Oil and Gas Training Simulation Forum
Introducing Real Reality
Our company OTS (Operator Training Solutions) developed a tool to make it possible to train control room operators together with field operators. While training, the control room operators use an exact copy of the real DCS. Field operators perform the field operations in the field itself, however not on the real equipment, but via an ATEX approved smart device, connected to the OTS. This is so close to reality that our customer Huntsman refers to this as: Real Reality.